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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check here first for your Star Stryker forum questions. This is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions about using this site.
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Site News and Announcements

News from the Star Stryker team pertaining to the website and forums.
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New Member Introductions

Need help with the Yamaha Star Stryker forum? Post your questions here, as well as read instructions and FAQs.
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Site Giveaways

As the site grows we hope to add monthly give aways...stay tuned...
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Member Discounts

Once we have a steady set of users and regular traffic I plan on reaching out to different vendors to see what kind of offers we can get for members.
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Member Custom Build Threads

My Star Stryker

Let others know about your ride, customized gear and anything about you
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My Questions

Have questions for other members? Ask them here!
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Random Discussion

This is where you can discuss items that may not be directly related to this forum, but you can have some fun here!
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Star Stryker Categories

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check here or perform a search for general Star Stryker motorcycle FAQs before asking in the forum.
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General Stryker Discussion

Place all non-technical Yamaha Star Stryker related discussion here.
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Technical Discussion

Place all technical Star Stryker related discussion here.
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Stryker Parts / Accesorries Review

Post here if you have new parts/accessories that you would like to provide a review.
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Please share pictures/videos and information regarding any mods you perform in this board.
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Post pictures of your Star Stryker motorcycle. Please do not post random pictures and video's! Stryker Stuff Only!
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Mods and Accessories

Have a new mod or accessory. Please share along with intructions for your fellow Yamaha Star Stryker brothers.
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Stryker of the Month

Place your vote for the Yamaha Star Stryker of the month.
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Power Commander Maps

Post your maps here along with a discussion of your mods to share with others.
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As members list items for sale in the classifieds, a post will automatically be placed here as well.
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Vendor Deals

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Vendor Board

Vendor Advertisements and members who fabricate Stryker products, please post here.
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Sportbike Track Gear

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JC Motors

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Parts, apparel and gear MOTORCYCLEiD
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Community Help Section

Community Help

Need help with the Yamaha Star Stryker forum? Post your questions here, as well as read instructions and FAQs.
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General Discussion

The Rest Stop

Off Topic Forum for non-motorcycle discussions.
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Bike Talk

Non-Stryker bike talk...
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West Coast

Serving CA, OR, WA, HI, AK, AS, and GU.
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South West

Serving OK, TX, AR, LA
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South East

Serving NC, SC, GA, FL, MS, AL, TN, KY
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Mid West

Serving AZ, NV, UT, CO, NM, ID, MT, WY
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West Central

Serving ND, SD, NE, KS, MN, IA, MO
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East Central

Serving WI, IL, MI, IN, OH
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New England

Serving MA, NH, VT, CT, RI, and ME.
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Mid Atlantic

Serving NY, PA, NJ, DE, WV, VA, DC, MD
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Northern, South, Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria
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