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General Information

XVS 1300 Custom
Black Metallic X (Raven)
Non, when i bought it
After the Star Stryker was a huge succes in the USA it came to Europe in 2014 and there It's called Custom (no Star).

Hi, my name is Henk.
This is one of my bikes and my favorite.
I also got a black 2008 Yamaha R1 sins 2009.
Yes the color,miles per gallon (dependents on driver), number of wheels en some bolts are the same.
No mid life crisis, always wanted a racer to go fast and a chopper to cruise.

There were 2 used XVS1300 Customs for sale at that time in the country,and yes lots of new ones.

I Bought the XVS1300 Custom in July 2016 after is was on sale for 9 months and dropt already a 1000 off the original asking price and that was then already lo!
And it was sold by a car garage for hi-end BMW's and Mercedeses.
So it was a treading toy that no one wanted in a car store.
And they also put the wrong name for it online, so it was by accident that i found it because i misspelled a Search name.

I got it for another extra 500 off the already cheap price that it was going for, they hated me but also the bike in a car shop.
600 miles on it.
So it was a real steal !

And that isn't gonna happen ever again i know ;)

I like changing things on it because there's so many things out there to make it your own.
Sad part is, most parts are in the USA and i live in the Netherlands.

With al the changes comes more extra speed but could not know is it was so much!
Top speed do not know for sure .
I stopt testing when the needle could not go any further was afraid it broke (the needle) guessing from the dial and stripes 240 kph=149.1291 mph ,and stil there was more power left !!
Acceleration crazy fast for a cruiser and now even more so.
And there i thought, a nice slow bike to glide through the wind only with beter exhaust sound.
2014 Yamaha XVS 1300 Custom (Black Metallic X (Raven))


Cobra PowrFlo Air Intake System
Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro Black
Cobra 4" Slip-on Muffler with Scalloped Tip - Black
DB killer
Black Metallic X (Raven) Painted Radiator Chin Scoop Cover
Black Metallic X (Raven) Painted Low and Mean Full Wrap Front Fender
Black Metallic X (Raven) Painted Headlight Back
Black Metallic X (Raven) Painted Main Switch Cover
Black Metallic X (Raven) Painted Dash & Speedometer Cover Panel
Black Metallic X (Raven) Painted Tank Cover
JW Speaker 5.75" Round DOT LED Motorcycle Headlight 8690
Kuryakyn - 6355 - Kinetic Throttle Boss, Gloss Black
Kuryakyn - 6376 - Kinetic Grips, Gloss Black
Krator Rear View Mirrors Black
3 Inch Extended Forward Control
Wheel and Tire
Garmin zūmo 395LM
Cardo Scala-Rider



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