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  1. General Stryker Discussion
    I'm looking at getting some sort of windshield or fairing to take some of the wind off me for extended freeway riding. I don't think a windshield is my favorite choice due to looks but they are definitely the easiest to come by. Batwings aren't really favorite either due to size. I like the...
  2. My Star Stryker
    Customized 2017 with batwing from Reckless Motorcycle. Ivan's flash, Cobra pipes and power flow intake. Runs and rides like a dream. The wing changes the overall look but imho the benefits outweigh the fact that I never really wanted a bagger style looking bike lol.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hay guys, just got myself my very first stryker. 2016. Matt grey with red. Really want to get a fairing for it but cannot seem to get my hands on one. I have been looking for a while but can't find the original bullet cowel. Or any good ideas for a idea that looks good. Please help. I live in...
1-3 of 3 Results