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Hi Guys, Picked up the bike at the dealer Saturday morning after the 1000 km service. I asked the dude about the clunk when engaging 1st and he said well that's the nature of the beast. Maybe with more time and wear things will settle down a bit. They had fitted the floorboards for me and it was a bit strange to start with. The weather was threatening rain so I only did about 100km and I am starting to like the boards. It did feel as though there was a bit more vibration coming through the boards than I had felt on the pegs. I was wondering if I had to brake really hard for some reason would my feet slide forward on those boards? Seems that could be the case whereas with the pegs the feet have a better chance of not slipping. Just a thought. The rest of the parts I have ordered are still on the way so I have to wait. The other thing is I must remember next service to tell them not to clean the bike, they sprayed some or other silicon/oil/gunk all over the bike which took me hours to get the bike clean again. I'm liking this bike a lot. Regards from Durban RSA. PS any other guys on the forum from RSA?
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