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11 Stryker photos..

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11 – just looking at the photos you have up on the home page… I scanned for a thread that they might be related to but didn’t find it.

Love the air intake, looks better than my Barons intake
Q: what is that side panel you have on there? I’m intrigued..
And don’t take this wrong, but are you happy with the wrapped-look of your pipes? I don’t think that is a look I would get used to myself.
Just curios your thoughts on that.. thanks!
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A: The air intake is a Cobra Powrflo

And I personally LOVE the wrapped look! It's obviously a matter of opinion, but I've had way more comments with wrapped pipes than I ever did with the stock pipes. And mine doesn't look anywhere near as good as 11's does... Especially with the custom chopped muffler 8)
11Stryker said:
Thanks Bekohlko! I really like the fat look that the wrapped pipes give also, especially since I shortened the muffler. I was thinking of taking redoing the wrap without the inner shields on pipes, but not now.
You can kind of get an idea of what it will look like by looking at mine. I actually think it will look too skinny for the diameter of the cobra slip-on. I almost think it's too skinny with my 3" muffler... But I guess you won't know until you try, and you can always put it back.
Well since I can't figure out how to actually comment on the picture, I'll just use this!

The black tip looks Awesome!
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