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11 Stryker photos..

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11 – just looking at the photos you have up on the home page… I scanned for a thread that they might be related to but didn’t find it.

Love the air intake, looks better than my Barons intake
Q: what is that side panel you have on there? I’m intrigued..
And don’t take this wrong, but are you happy with the wrapped-look of your pipes? I don’t think that is a look I would get used to myself.
Just curios your thoughts on that.. thanks!
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Hey SD- Click on this Thread that is current- http://www.yamahastarstryker.com/index.php/topic,7806.0.html
bekohlko said:
A: The air intake is a Cobra Powrflo

And I personally LOVE the wrapped look! It's obviously a matter of opinion, but I've had way more comments with wrapped pipes than I ever did with the stock pipes. And mine doesn't look anywhere near as good as 11's does... Especially with the custom chopped muffler 8)
Thanks Bekohlko! I really like the fat look that the wrapped pipes give also, especially since I shortened the muffler. I was thinking of taking redoing the wrap without the inner shields on pipes, but not now.
sdsting said:
11 thanks for the link to your thread, your bike looks awesome (just as I remember).
Trying to figure out what that side plate is.. is it meant to push your leg out a little more?
Not sure what you mean by sideplate, but are you maybe looking at the rear passenger floorboards that are hinged up when not using?
Hey SD- Here is pic with the rear floorboard down and ready for two-up ride.
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LandShark said:
Where'd you get the tail light??? That's sweet!
CruiserCustomising.com and the turn signals I had to drill taillite to mount them there.
sdsting said:
11 – just looking at the photos you uploaded.. what did you add to your wheels to give that look? Bike is looking awesome btw!
They are the PM Performance Machine wheels. Rear is 8.0" wide. Stock rear wheel is 7.5".
bekohlko said:
Well since I can't figure out how to actually comment on the picture, I'll just use this!

The black tip looks Awesome!
Thanks. When I recieved my Cobra Slip-on last year, it came with the chrome tip slightly damaged. So they sent me a new one. I just lightly sanded original and painted BBQ Black and then light coat of Bumper paint.
Hivoltage said:
11 is the Cobra powerflo "stock" or did you texture it? It looks a little different to me. I can't say for sure because i don't have mine in hand yet.
I put some carbon fiber decaling on side of Powerflo to spruce it up a bit.
mikoloe said:
Do these really sound like they do on this video? or do they sound better?

As in any youtube video, the sound quality is always better in person. Have not watched a youtube video yet that has good audio with it.
mikoloe said:
Im hard of hearing, this video sounds pretty good to me. I was just wondering if this is indeed the sound you get from these pipes. I know there are variations but I cant tell the difference between a Bose and a Kenwood Stereo System if I was standing right in front of them. So I wont spent the money on Bose. I really like the way yours is set up that is why I am asking. My friend in houston is looking to change his stock pipes< i am going suggest your set up! thanks
It's Good Loud! does have a little more decel pop, but no biggy. I like it, but not sure wife will after riding all day with me. HEHEHE
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