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11 Stryker photos..

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11 – just looking at the photos you have up on the home page… I scanned for a thread that they might be related to but didn’t find it.

Love the air intake, looks better than my Barons intake
Q: what is that side panel you have on there? I’m intrigued..
And don’t take this wrong, but are you happy with the wrapped-look of your pipes? I don’t think that is a look I would get used to myself.
Just curios your thoughts on that.. thanks!
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Interesting.. and thanks for the feeback bekohlko
ROADKILL - if you go to the homepage just above “recent posts” you will see “recent photos” posted by members, including 11Stryker’s…
11 thanks for the link to your thread, your bike looks awesome (just as I remember).
Trying to figure out what that side plate is.. is it meant to push your leg out a little more?
oh yeah that's what it is, I see it now..
awesome for the passenger
NICE... my wife would love that! but she doesn't ride with me enough to justify the add on. thanks for the pick 11, well done!
11 – just looking at the photos you uploaded.. what did you add to your wheels to give that look? Bike is looking awesome btw!
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