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It being my first actual bike, and a Stryker no less, I almost started to cry by the time I arrived at my destination. Not for the potential problem, but that I wouldn't have my bike for a while if so... I picked up on 4/20 and I already have 1400 miles on it, so that tells you how much I've riden in the last month.

For the story, I was riding 2nd, which annoys me as I hate the right, with my dad/stepmom to a cousins party to celebrate him graduating from college and getting managerial food service job when two things happened. The first was incidental and I knew it would eventually happen.. I bottomed out and scraped the pegs on a 120 degree left turn, which I've gotten good at doing for not riding that much.. It was soooo loud my dad looked back to make sure I didn't dump my ride, unlike him on his Honda on his first day, and my step mom was laughing so hard she almost drove strait into the ditch. Ironically, I kept telling my dad/stepmom that I was scraping my boots alot. You can lean pretty good on this bike compared to some Harleys i've been on and would probably need new ones before tires, but this sort of took the cake when I told em... 'This is why I'm not getting the footpegs replaced right away.' But, the worse noise happened when we arrived....

I turned my steering and heard a squeak after almost being there... At first I thought it was nothing, but I decided to ride around the block a couple times on arrival... Everytime I turned, or stopped and moved the column, squeak... All I can think of is, since I'm a bicyclist at heart... BEARING... I'm freaking out and thinking about it all through the party, and no bike for days, I'm going to need another ride to drop off and pick it up. I told my dad, and he goes, so thats why you kept turning the column at the lights and kept looking down front. It so preoccupied me that I kept at it on it for most of the party. I started rationalizing, maybe it was the almost 90 degree weather in New York, and it is the first time it's been in this period of heat....

But, to make a long story short... At my first maintenence last week, they installed my factory passing lamps... It appears that it was heat related... The cables were rubbing against the fork when turned, but oddly it was only when moving to the left. But, I didn't discover this until I rode another 50 miles back home, trying to not turn the fork much, and hard leaning just cuz. Only when I got back and started holding the wire sheaths I figured it out... After two hours of fretting and even having my cousin (the grad), another Stryker owner (but a 2011) listened and didn't figure it out either.

Now I'm releaved but it cut 2 hours of my riding today, but it was hot as heck anyhow, and I had to get the 4 racks of ribs out of my bikes saddlebags when I got to the party anyhow.

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