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15% coupon

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Motorcycle superstore has a 15% coupon, know it doesn't sound like much. However it DOES WORK ON TIRES!
Most if not all online places already discount their tires to a point that they won't let you use any additional discounts.
I just snagged the Michelin commander I I, 240 40zr 18 for $180
Code is: PB-TIER15
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Also PB-TIER10 gives 10% off of purchases under $100, the 15% one is for purchases over $100
Awesome, just scored some pipes, freedom combat 2-into-1 black on sale for $675 (everywhere) and then another 15% off of that brought it down to $570. had to pull the trigger there.
very lame, what is it an emissions thing? I'd offer to help you out but shipping from maryland to california would eat up a lot of the savings anyway (and it sounds like the law wouldnt be having it out there anyway)
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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