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15% coupon

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Motorcycle superstore has a 15% coupon, know it doesn't sound like much. However it DOES WORK ON TIRES!
Most if not all online places already discount their tires to a point that they won't let you use any additional discounts.
I just snagged the Michelin commander I I, 240 40zr 18 for $180
Code is: PB-TIER15
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Damnit! I tried to order those same pipes but they won't ship them to California!! LAME
very lame, what is it an emissions thing? I'd offer to help you out but shipping from maryland to california would eat up a lot of the savings anyway (and it sounds like the law wouldnt be having it out there anyway)
Yeah–basically California doesn't allow any aftermarket pipes because of emissions. I see aftermarket pipes just as often here as anywhere else though. And after research, looks like cops doesn't hassle too much for them, unless you're doing something else you shouldn't be doing, then they might add on a citation for the pipes.

The weird thing is that Motorcycle Superstore refuses to ship them here at all. It doesn't seem like they have enough liability in that situation to warrant losing sales.. oh well!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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