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2,700+ miles in 2 weeks.

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Here is a few picks and info on our ride.
We started from our house in the north west part of the Pacific Coast Mountains.
Down the mountain past Ruth Lake to hwy 36 east up across another mountain range down to the central valley across hwy 5 back up into the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Grass Valley then to hwy 80 to Donner Lake.Donner Pass, then down to Truckee and into Lake Tahoe where we spent our first night after 9 hrs and 325 miles of riding.
We only rode 200+ miles the next day because we didn't crawl out of our tent until 10 am because a storm had just passed through the day before and temps got down to 38 degrees. We made it to Bishop for the 2nd night.
We rode 360 miles the next day all the way to San Diego. Nearly 1,000 miles. We Spent 5 nights there and went to the Memorial services for,( Richard, Dick Willett), the Grand Master and Founder of the American Kenpo Karate Association that I was requested to attend by the board of directors, because I have trained for 30+ years and am a member of and instructor for the American Kenpo Karate Association and a 2nd generation Black Belt taught directly from his 1st generation Black Belts.
We then rode around the San Diego mountains for 2 days then headed north to the San Bernardino mountains and up to Big Bear Lake/Mountain and camped there. The next day we made it back to bishop and spent the night there again in a camp ground. We headed up 395 to 120 up to Yosemite National Park where we camped and explored a bit. We left there heading west with still 2 or 3 days left before needing to return home, soooooo, we picked up hwy 49 north ending up in Placer ville. Looking at the map realizing Tahoe was just 60 miles east up hwy 50 off we went. Stayed in Tahoe again for the night and the back up to Truckee over Donner Pass but this time west to hwy 20 which we followed across hwy5 passed Upper Lake to hwy 101 then north through the Redwoods back home. Just the most awesome ride ever.
If you guys have any questions on what we packed on the bikes or how the bikes performed etc, just ask.
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Cool pic's. Looks like a great ride!
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