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I know this is the Stryker forum but I wanted to post this over here in case anyone along our route would like to ride along...also gives the location of two Rallies coming up next month....Toby & his wife if I remember right will be joining us in Carson City NV.

2012 Road Trip
June 4 – June 24 2012

Flipper will join me in Clarksville TN June 4 and we will ride together until we split up in Little Rock AR

June 4 – 7th Jacksonville FL to Lead SD (WCRR): http://g.co/maps/whngu

June 7 – 9 Lead rides: http://g.co/maps/hvxfw

June 10 Lead to Cody WY: http://g.co/maps/zw96b
V8_Vega & his wife will ride with us form Lead to Cody WY and tour Bearthooth Hwy, Chief Joseph Hwy and Yellowstone

June 10 – 12 Cody rides: http://g.co/maps/7388e

June 13 – 14 Cody to Carson City NV with a stop over in Jackpot NV (WARR): http://g.co/maps/zwqem

June 15 – 16 CARSON CITY RIDES: http://g.co/maps/euf6b http://g.co/maps/tw5bu

June 17th CARSON CITY to GREEN RIVER UT: http://g.co/maps/k983h
Dreadly & CoastalTrader are planning on riding with us over to I-15 we will continue east and they will head north.

June 18th Green River UT to Montrose CO: http://g.co/maps/krc9g alt route http://g.co/maps/nf5tr

June 19th Montrose to Georgetown Co: http://g.co/maps/2dgdz

June 20th Georgetown/Estes Park/Salida/Walsenburg: http://g.co/maps/wj4bc

June 21st Walsenburg CO to Mclean TX: http://g.co/maps/szkd2

June 22, 23, 24th Mclean TX to Conway AR to Gulfport MS to Jax: http://g.co/maps/6h7uf

Approximate mileage 8,500 - road conditons and weather permiting. If anyone along our route would like to hook up and ride with us....you are more than welcome!!
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