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Hello guys.
I would like to show you my progress on my stryker. I bought it a year and a half ago. During this time i made a tons of work.
I will try to summarize what it all contained in list below.

Powder coated:
Front fork
Whole Triple tree

Exhaust system
Front/Rear Brake Caliper
Front Master Cylinder with both Levers
Rear Master Cylinder
Foot brake/clutch lever

Front/Rear Fender and Gas Tank Custom paint
Radiator Grill
Tailight with turn signal lens was smoked a little bit
Few plastic pieces which was damaged or scratched (Electrical switch case, base tailight, tank cover around gas cap, rear side fender plastic, covers under gas tank etc..)

Maybe i forgot something in list because it was so much things i have done.
And now there is part list what was replaced or bought new/aftermarket.

Front and Rear wheel bearings
Triple tree bearings
Rear arm bearing (not replaced yet)
Front Fork Sliders and Dust/Oil Seals. new fork oil
Both Brake calipers Oil seals
Hel performance brake hoses
Led Turn signal bulbs
Headlight LED bulb
New Mirrors
Avon Grips
Clutch/Brake Pedal Covers
Rear master cylinder banjo bold for turn on brake light
Lowering Kit Dogbones (default, 1" or 2") now at 1" and i will see if its good or not because our roads are really sh*t.

There is few things i want to do it later for example sandblast whole frame and paint it because few spots have corrosion, maybe paint engine with cerakote whats left (high temp stable ofc). new exhaust Vance & Hines 2in2 (something quietter than my freedoms for long trips :D ), sissy bar (i want to custom made it), side licence plate (custom made), Front fender and Radiator Chin from L&M.. I know its a lot of things what i can do or buy for my motorcycle and everything need time :)
Now some photos from when i bought to yesterday when i finally rode it for a while.

Btw i forgot something i didnt mention and it is Error code 14 whats show up on dashboard after assembly. This code suggest problem with Air intake pressure hose, so after all this i needed to disassembly gas tank and look what happend. Hose which came to sensor under tank was good, no damage or something else, same sensor was good as pocket tester show, wires too so last thing that remain was Intake manifold. So my next step was disassembly hypercharger and then front part of intake manifold where is 2 hoses, one to hypercharger and second one to air sensor, both disconnected. I have found behind butterflyes is two small holes to hoses which was clogged, so i cleaned it all, assembly everything back and tried if its good. Finally error code dismissed and everyhing was fine.

Hope you can see images.
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