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2013 Gas Tank Decals/Branding

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Hello all,

I’ve been lurking here since last April. I was going to get a 2012 Stryker or Raider last year, but only had my current bike 2 years, now it’s three years and time to make a move. I get bored fast.

Anyway, I’m looking into getting a 2013 Candy Red, blacked out Stryker. I have not seen one in the flesh yet and was wondering if the tank decals are tape with clear coat over them or are they on the surface of the paint and removable?

Also, I wanted to know from current owners, if there are any known issues with the Stryker or something you don't like about it. Sometimes with newer bike productions there are issues with something. What I really like is that I haven’t seen any complaints about this bike here or anywhere else. :)

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.
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I have a 2013 raven as it popped up under the serial number given to the insurance. Plus the dealer said it was a '13 when I purchased last year. I've seen the one you want. Looks good but I couldn't resist in the black out affect. Issues. None. Whatever you see and read on this site, go for it. Past strykers are identical. You wouldn't regret what you buy. The only thing I notice between '13 and year past models are the decals. And yes there cleared...


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Yea me too. If u look really close at the stryker word, its font like a rustic design. I would luv to take the white stripe off and leave the grey color , star, and stryker word on
Thx mik but I have a lot still to add on. Saving up for bigger things like the exhaust if pcs hurry up on it. I'm putting on the scootmod extension on next week when it comes in. Cant wait
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