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2013 Raven in Central CA

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Whats up all? Got my Stryker a little over a week ago. I must say I truly enjoy riding it. Im an ex Sport bike rider of 6 years. Sold my bikes, took 6 years off. I went to the dealership and didn't really want to get an R1 even though I went in for one. I saw the 2013 Stryker Raven and knew I should be rollin'.

Anyway since then been modding the crap out of it. Cobra 4" Slipon, K & N, Custom fender eliminator. 2 1/4" drop kit should be here tomorrow according to tracking along with the Scoot mods forward control extensions.

I would like to however meet up with anyone who rides in Central Cali for a ride.


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Thank you to everyone. This forum rocks. I cant stop reading all the info.

I just got done lowering the rear 2 1/4" & extending the forward controls 3" also added flush mount turn signals in the rear, Friday night mods & Coors light! I cant say how much more i enjoy the bike after the controls were extended, wow! Im 6'1 and it sure is nicer to cruise this baby now. went up towards yosemite yesterday and had a blast running around Bass lake. I will say however lowering it, even though it sits meaner, affected my cornering. I found my heal hitting the ground. I guess i cant take the turns as hard as i did when it was stock height but its worth it. Because stock this bike rocks in the turns.

I am planning on getting the Bully tuner as soon as i can, need to take atleast a week or two off to replinish the Stryker fund.
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toby- I have started to do that unfortunately it is my old SB riding days that make me lean into corners as hard as I do. I dont commit into the corners as drastic with this bike as I once did and feel for the pegs to scrape. When the bike was stock height it was awesome cornering and took quite a bit of lean angle to scrape pegs. I would think that I lost about 15 degrees of lean angle now to scrapping pegs after lowering it the 2.25"

It was worth it though because it looks much cooler!! I wont go back
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