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2013 Raven in Central CA

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Whats up all? Got my Stryker a little over a week ago. I must say I truly enjoy riding it. Im an ex Sport bike rider of 6 years. Sold my bikes, took 6 years off. I went to the dealership and didn't really want to get an R1 even though I went in for one. I saw the 2013 Stryker Raven and knew I should be rollin'.

Anyway since then been modding the crap out of it. Cobra 4" Slipon, K & N, Custom fender eliminator. 2 1/4" drop kit should be here tomorrow according to tracking along with the Scoot mods forward control extensions.

I would like to however meet up with anyone who rides in Central Cali for a ride.


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Welcome from northern Ca. I have a 2011 impact blue and just bought my wife a 2013 pearl white last Saturday. We ride as far south as the bay area and some times San Diego, San Bernardino and big Bear mountains but usually Mendocino, Fort Brag, Upper Lake, Yosemite, Tahoe, Truckee, Lassen, Shasta and the Redwoods are our favorite destinations. If you ever want to come up north let me know and we can hook up.:thumb: Oh and congrats on the new bike.
Thank you to everyone. This forum rocks. I cant stop reading all the info.

I just got done lowering the rear 2 1/4" & extending the forward controls 3" also added flush mount turn signals in the rear, Friday night mods & Coors light! I cant say how much more i enjoy the bike after the controls were extended, wow! Im 6'1 and it sure is nicer to cruise this baby now. went up towards yosemite yesterday and had a blast running around Bass lake. I will say however lowering it, even though it sits meaner, affected my cornering. I found my heal hitting the ground. I guess i cant take the turns as hard as i did when it was stock height but its worth it. Because stock this bike rocks in the turns.

I am planning on getting the Bully tuner as soon as i can, need to take atleast a week or two off to replinish the Stryker fund.
put your heals up on the pegs when cornering.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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