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240 tire with 2.25 lowering kit.

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I know it has been discussed numerous times but I am having a hard time finding a direct answer. I want to put a 240 on the rear. Am I going to have any problems or issues with bottoming out or rubbing with the bike lowered with the PCS lowering kit set at the 2.25 lowered position while riding 2 up? Thanks so much.
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SFCMcGan said:
Word around the campfire.... yes... you will bottom out...
This is true but at the same time you really need to do your homework on this mod. Different tires are different sizes, one of the members on here had determined that you have 3 3/4" travel to full bottom. So put your tire on and measure from the top of the tire to the bottom of the mounting bolts comming through the top of the fender. If you have 3 3/4" you are good if you have less then you will bottom if the spring gets compressed all the way. The Avon 240 is one of the smaller tires and I do not believe anyone has measured the distance from the top of that tire to the mounting bolt bottoms using the 2.25" lowering links, this could possibly be a winner at the drop? It's definately a winner at only 1" drop. Good Luck... ;)
clar2001 said:
The Pcs dogbones look to weak to me .
Not sure what they had sent you clar but mine were solid steel and powder coated black. Looked like they will be just as strong as stock. No problems with them but also only have had them for about 1k at this point.
Straightjacket said:
Couldn't have said it better myself,Bozzly ;D I've seen some adjustable dogbones out there, that is what I'd recomend using, that way no matter what tire you get you can safely drop it as low as possible! The set I want to buy are built like a tierod so you just loosen and adj.
Which ones would those be? Haven't seen or heard of those yet.
Straightjacket said:
Bozz, I saw a pair on ebay that I liked, just needed to check on diamentions. Ya, the PCS do look a little weak. The tierod style were about $80 if I remember right. Of course I saw them after I allready bought a pair,but thats usually the way it goes.
Cool, they sound interesting, the ability to adjust them to whatever size you want would be awesome. By the way, you guys now have me very worried about the PCS Links I am using. :-\
StrykenShane said:
Don't sweat em Bozz, my tech told me has installed several dozen sets and no incidents so far
Thanks, I feel better now.
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