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240 tire with 2.25 lowering kit.

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I know it has been discussed numerous times but I am having a hard time finding a direct answer. I want to put a 240 on the rear. Am I going to have any problems or issues with bottoming out or rubbing with the bike lowered with the PCS lowering kit set at the 2.25 lowered position while riding 2 up? Thanks so much.
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I can't see a problem with the pcs links..installed mine and other than there instructions suck....the parts are solid, the way these parts work I don't see anything to be concerned about. Now I will say I want to get the bike lower than just the 1 inch I'm at now, but with a 240, the 1 inch still looks and rides way better than stock. IMHO unless your a lighter fellow, your better off staying at the 1" set.
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