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250 tire on stryker ???

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hi guys, i need help im looking to update rear tire but i dont know which one to choose?
250 rear tire will fit on the stock rim? bike?
how is handling?
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Just put the Dunlop 250 on. Only mod was to grind the inside of the lower (plastic) belt guard took make room. Easy process and you can not see the mod from form the outside unless you really look for it. Didn't have to remove the stock tail lights. But I plan to just becuase I want the fatty to show. Guys at the shop all said it's a huge improvement.
As for the ride.... much, much better than the stock 210.
Easy... you should seriously consider it. Unless you plan to lower your bike... there's more than enough room under the fender.
One more thought if you add the 250. Before putting the tire on, adjust the shock... putting a couple of extra turns to stiffen the ride. It can be done after the tire is one but it's a little tougher to do. There's a tool under the seat just for this procedure.

This change should help make sure you don't bottom out, fender on tire, when hitting bumps. I added 4 clicks. I believe I can add 2 more if needed.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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