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30 days and 300 miles! This thing is better than sliced bread!

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Ok I have had my stryker for a month and 300 miles on the road. This baby is freaking awesome. I finished my LED lights last weekend, now i have blue skies at night. I went from eight 3/8" holes to 1/2" holes it is much deep and way better sounding now. Next thing on the list is get a bike jack order some PCS lower links and change the oil should be due by then. Gotta love my wife for talking me into getting it. Oh and i just saw a Fury on the road a little while ago, umm yeah not so much, they look good in the show room not on the road. So so glad I stayed yamaha.
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K9Stryker said:
I'm not to happy either since I now know that I dont have the only Stryker in town now. I saw another Raven last Friday. :(
Haven't seen one in town yet, saw a Stryker at the Coast Guard in Morgan City, La last week while I was working there. I put a little over 600 miles on mine in the three weeks I've had it. Been raining here for the past week too so haven't been able to go really anywhere.

See their are two members within 30 miles of me on the member map.
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