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30 days and 300 miles! This thing is better than sliced bread!

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Ok I have had my stryker for a month and 300 miles on the road. This baby is freaking awesome. I finished my LED lights last weekend, now i have blue skies at night. I went from eight 3/8" holes to 1/2" holes it is much deep and way better sounding now. Next thing on the list is get a bike jack order some PCS lower links and change the oil should be due by then. Gotta love my wife for talking me into getting it. Oh and i just saw a Fury on the road a little while ago, umm yeah not so much, they look good in the show room not on the road. So so glad I stayed yamaha.
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It would have more miles but we have had crappy weather where I am. Soon as I get a back passenger rest so my wife dont feel like she is gonna slide off the back there will be more miles. Think I'm going to get a cobra back rest and try to mod it to a quick release since the quick release from Yamaha is so dang expensive. It may be chrome but that's why someone invented spray paint LOL
I'm not to happy either since I now know that I dont have the only Stryker in town now. I saw another Raven last Friday. :(
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