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300+ mile ride in January.

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Yea 300+ miles on the bikes this weekend in the middle of winter. Gota love it. A bit cold and even a bit of ice in places.
Upper Lake and back to see our horses. They where very curious in what kind of animals we rode up on. Here is a couple pics for your enjoyment and make comments if you would like. Keep forgetting to stop and get pics of the icy roads though. I guess because we just want to get through it and get some place warmer.
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Rodekill said:
Hats off to you sir. My backside would be clenched so tight it would pinch a hole in my seat at the mere thought of riding my bike with ice around.
Ya my wife said if we would have stopped for pics of icy roads that would mean puling to the side of the road where there was more ice and after seeing what we were riding on probably wouldn't get back on the bikes.
29th said:
your a brave man Toby
Brave? or Crazy? Na when the sun is out just gota ride. Got it bad, the adiction ???
Straightjacket said:
I had planned on ridin back to Willits with ya,,, between the ol-lady, and my brother bein in town ::) sorry I flaked. It was good hookin up and bsin with ya though!
Ya would have been nice. It was warmer going back than when we came down. Next time my friend. We are gonna be in Upper Lake Saturday but to haul horses not ride bikes. We gotta haul a horse from Frisco to Durham and pick one up there then to Upper Lake to take one out of the pasture because she is getting too fat, and bring them home so maybe we can get some winter riding in and stay off the bikes in the ice. Gotta ride something. ;D
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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