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4,000 miles still wearing in?

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Did my preseason oil change today based on time not mileage and thought I saw metallic streaks in oil ran a magnet all through the pan and came up clean multiple times. Also ran the oil through a shop towel dumping in a storage container. Didn’t see anything of notice except a tiny tiny spec of possible metal but it was not magnetic and I can’t be sure it wasn’t cross contamination. The Stryker has around 4000 miles on it and I got it at 2000 and dealer changed the oil. Should I be concerned?
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Dealer changed the oil previously
Sounds like everything is just as it should be. At 10,000 I would change to full synthetic, and just keep riding :)
If you're changing your oil every 3000-5000 miles and lubing and tensioning the chain every 400-600 miles you should be good up to north of 10,000 miles on most new modern bikes. The only other wear-and-tear items would be tires and brake pads, which obviously vary by type/use. I got about 8500 miles out of my stock brake pads (replaced with EBC HH Sintered) in mixed city/suburban riding (along with about 4000 miles of highway riding), and my tires still have healthy amounts of tread, though they are harder compound tires meant for lots of commuting.
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