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A little help...paint question

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Well like a dumass I used some "goof off" to help remove the little warning sticker on the tank below the gas cap trim. It did NOT want to just peel off. I had to rub and pick away with my fingernail. When I was done, I noticed the area was kind of faded. Apparently I took some of the clearcoat off. If you rub some oil on it, the faded area vanishes....so it looks like the paint is ok. How do I fix this? Can a paint shop just touch up an area or would the whole tank have to be redone?


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Natedog said:
I'm telling you dude, get some rubbing compound like the Macguire's I mentioned earlier.
Natedog is right. The clear coat couldn't have gotten damaged bad enough that it couldn't be buffed out with rubbing compound.
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