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a little more black and new mirrors

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Thanks 11 . It makes me a little nervous using a $4 product painting a $11k bike but it didn't turn out too bad . Get some more today and finish the head plates . Gonna wait till fall when I get my other fenders painted to have the headlight housing painted by a pro . Not sure if a rattle can will stick good enough .
Dewd - Actually, using a rattle can isn't that bad. I went to home depot and bought Plasti Dip. I put 4 coats on the headlight housing and it turned out amazing (5 coats is too much I found, could be diff for you). Plus, that stuff is waterproof which is awesome! Another seller is it holds up to 300 degrees. At one point (on the speedo housing), I actually wanted to rip it off after drying and start over. So I did, and to rip the coating off actually took some work. I had to take a car key to it (carefully).

What I'm saying is, it could be worth the $4 rather than the $100 to have it professionally done. I included a picture for you to check out.


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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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