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Hello all I just got my 2011 Stryker a couple of weeks ago and was wanting to replace the seat. I have read many of the posts but haven't been able to decide what would be best. I'm only 5'2" and have read that the Mustang seat pushes you forward and at my size that wouldn't be a problem. I would like some feedback on the aftermarket seats you have as far as comfort and change in riding position. I appreciate any help and or opinions. Thanks.
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I am looking for more comfort. I am good as far as the reach to the ground and not much into lowering already low bikes. My last bike a Suzuki M50 I lowered it and also put a slimmer seat on . I was just trying to get a feel on changes in seating position as being moved up a little is not an issue with me. A lesser width seat will also help with flat footing a bike so any comments on the width compared to the stock seat would help. Here is the list of the seats and was just trying to get a feel if any changed the riding position much and th ecomfort. Solo seats are fine as I don't ride two up. Once again any assistance or comments are welcome

Mustang - From what I have read it pushes you closer to the tank.

Corbin- No real change in seating position, Harder seat but generaly confortable once they break in.

Parts Unlimted- Not much info on this seat I can find as far as seating position.

Star Comfort Seat- I can't find anything on this site about it.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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