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Added Star Boulevard™ Windshield

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I just added a windshield. I usually don't like the look of windshields on motorcycles, but this one is pretty small. I think it looks cool.

It was very easy. You have to assemble it, but it's really just six bolts. It takes half hour at the most.

I just took my first ride with it. I really like it. It mostly blocks the wind off your chest. You still get some wind in your face, which I like.
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This is the number one item my wife wants to add to her mods, but personally I think it needs to be blacked out.
Has anyone blacked one out? Desiree was going to with hers, but is hesitant. Personally I would black the whole thing out and now that I've seen it on her Stryker I'm considering one for my Raider.
Nate- Is that something that's removable or a before and after shot? If it's paint, did you paint the front? It almost looks like it.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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