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after 2 week I have a ????????

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Ok I've had my bike 2 weeks today. This is my first time owning a yamaha... my stryker now has around 300 miles on it. My question is...seems like the bike is geared very high, should the bike be like this?

Also anybody having lower back pain after riding their bike?? I know the bike is going to be stiff cause its new...but will it get any better?
Sorry for the questions but hey I had to ask.
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BackinBlack said:
I've only got bout 250mi on mine. I think the gearing is ok. At interstate speeds it runs smooth. I still wish it had a 6 speed trans.
As for the seat, I havent had any problems but I'll let you know after my trip to the beach. LOL
Which beach you riding too. We are going down to Myrtle Beach SC for bike week in
May, were not riding the bikes down, we are towing them behind our motorhome.
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