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after 2 week I have a ????????

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Ok I've had my bike 2 weeks today. This is my first time owning a yamaha... my stryker now has around 300 miles on it. My question is...seems like the bike is geared very high, should the bike be like this?

Also anybody having lower back pain after riding their bike?? I know the bike is going to be stiff cause its new...but will it get any better?
Sorry for the questions but hey I had to ask.
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I also feel that the gears are High but that's OK.
My previous bikes 5th Gear felt like I needed one more, but with my Stryker 5th cruises very nice at 70-80, a true overdrive gear.
So I usually cruise around town with 3rd or 4th to prevent chugging. I'm sure the higher RPM helps to keep battery charged too.
Bro Bill
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