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Aftermarket front Raider rim on Stryker

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I've been searching but cant find a direct answer so I apologise if this has been covered already but... I know the Raider front wheel is the same size as the Stryker and I saw some aftermarket wheels on ebay for the Raider...


I'm wondering if these would be a direct fit. Also wondering from the pic how the rotor will mount since I think it bolts straight to the stock wheel and I see no threaded holes on this one. I know the raider has two rotors and the Stryker one, but figure I could work around that. Anyone ever bought a rim like this?
Thanks for the help.
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Raider and Stryker Rear rims are identical. Same Part.
Stock Stryker and Stock Raider Rims are 7.5". Performance Machine Wheels are 8.0". CBRMatt at performance Edge takes the stock wheel and makes it 8.5" which will accept the 260 Metz.
That would be cool! Take some pics and tell us what you think!!
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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