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Air cleaner box mod!!!

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OK Yall, Here are pics of my air cleaner box mod. I cut half of entry tube off and front lower back portion of air box. Please remember that I have only done CAT mod. Those of you that removed your baffles may need fuel processor.
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Thanks for the pics!

Now how about telling us about the Cat mod?
There's an old school way to check the mix, you can do a plug chop on new plugs.

Basically you swap the plugs, then go for a quick ride. Give the throttle a good hard twist, run it up into the RPM and then hit the kill switch. Pull the plugs and check the color. Looks like new or grayish you're lean. tan to brown you're in the sweet zone. Black and "oily" or sooty you're too rich.

I learned that trick from an old mechanic. You can do it on your current plugs, but it'll be hard to tell if it's rich since the plugs darken with age.

It's also common for the rear jug to be slightly leaner than the front since it doesn't get cooled as much by air flow so it runs hotter. I don't know enough about hte new EFI our bike has though as it may compensate for that.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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