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Air-intake and cobra swept pipes

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Hey, guys I was wondering if anyone has ordered an exhaust and a air-intake for their stryker and tried unhooking the battery to reset the computer. That way the computer would read the new mods as they were part of the bike's systems. I have had friends do this with their side-by-sides and it seem to work for them and saved them some money by not having to buy a programmer.
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Just a little FYI. I just installed the FI2000R Closed Loop system yesterday (the cheaper $200 one). I only have the cobra swepts and stock cleaner, but the instructions say that the same mapping can be used no matter which way you go. Ex - Full exhaust w/ intake, full exhaust w/o intake, stock exhaust w/intake. The mapping comes preset, but is ALSO adjustable if you only have a slip on pipe, or even if your exhaust and intake are BOTH stock.

Here's the link: http://www.cobrausa.com/fuel_detail.php?make_id=6&model_id=312&model=Stryker&product_type=Motorcycle Fuel Management&product=Fi2000R&product_id=3016

Click on download instructions and read what it says. ALSO, you can make fine tune adjustment on idle, slow steady throttle, rapid acceleration, and max rpm delivery.

Here's a quote directly from the instructions: "The Fi2000R has the ability to efficiently tune the EFI system on your motorcycle for slip-on or full exhaust systems. Your Cobra Fi2000 fuel injection module has been tested and preset for best function and rideability on a motorcycle with aftermarket air cleaner and Cobra full exhaust"

Seems like this would be a very efficient solution to forking over the big dollars for the auto tune. As long as you have a little bit of time and a small flat head, YOU could be the auto tune :) I have no complaints on mine so far, and I have the low and mean intake adapter on order. I haven't touched the settings on the programmer yet. The throttle response is amazingly better. Hope this info helps out.
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