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Air-intake and cobra swept pipes

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Hey, guys I was wondering if anyone has ordered an exhaust and a air-intake for their stryker and tried unhooking the battery to reset the computer. That way the computer would read the new mods as they were part of the bike's systems. I have had friends do this with their side-by-sides and it seem to work for them and saved them some money by not having to buy a programmer.
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Yosemite which is the better choice price and performance wise to go with?
Yosemite, sorry my reply wasn't quite clear. I was referenceing to the programmer. I know cobra has two versions of their programmer. There is the Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro which is like $489.95 and also the Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Management which is $194.95. I know the PowrPro is the auto tuner but can the Fi2000R get me the results I need to install the intake and exhaust?
Thanks for the advice man. It helps to ease the mind on trying to figure out what I want to do
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