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Air intake options

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What's the best after market air intake out there? I don't like the one that looks like a jousting spear sticking off the bike lol
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Gator8 said:
Personally I think it comes down to such a personal choice its hard to say, I thought about going with the adapter route then your options really open up as you could go with any harley intake...but I didn't like the cost breakdown myself so I went with the LA Choppers intake, quality is there but I'm not 100% happy either...I thought the filter ran all the way around including the face plate as it is screened I thought it was like some harley intakes that are open, but its just a cover plate...it works fine..fits fine and looks fine, just wasn't how I expected...I should have researched more. But looks cool..ha.
Hey Gator. You saying you have the LA Chopper Big Air Kit on your Stryker. That's the one I've been looking at. So I'm not understanding what your saying about the filter. The one I really want is the Arlen Ness Big Sucker. But $300 seems a lot. It is suppose to be the best of the air intakes, but $300. That's why I've been looking at the LA.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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