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Air intake options

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What's the best after market air intake out there? I don't like the one that looks like a jousting spear sticking off the bike lol
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I've got Baron's Big Air Kit. I would not recommend it for the price they're asking. I'm not all that impressed with the filter, and they apparently don't have much quality control - I had to retap the holes in the cover plate before I installed it. They did a half assed job at best.

Didn't realize before I bought it that the cover plate is not the same shape as the filter, either - the corners of the cover plate stick up way passed the actual filter element, which I think looks a bit goofy.

The adapter plate was excellent, though, and it does work well and look good. I just don't think it's worth $300 by a long shot.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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