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ALL NEW Shoei RF-1200 helmet from SportbikeTrackGear.com! It's a game changer!

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Overall: This helmet is absolutely unreal, it's a complete game changer. Check out the pics below!

Click here to see the helmet on our site: http://stores.sportbiketrackgear.com/Categories.bok?category=Shoei+RF-1200+Helmet

My full writeup:

Introducing the all new Shoei RF-1200 helmet! Shoei has taken their proven RF platform that we've always loved and once again improved it beyond our expectations. They're claiming "The evolution of perfection" and I've got to say that this helmet is definitely living up to it. Their improvements are evident in every aspect of this new model.

While visually this lid has everything it takes to be a new industry leading helmet it really comes down to how it performs. I've been lucky enough to spend a decent amount of time in my RF-1200 and it has lived up to everything Shoei has promised it would be.

To hear about all the details on this helmet head over to our website and watch our in depth video review. Here I'll point out some real world features and benefits and show you why I think this lid is about to be at the top of the helmet food chain.

First, I'll start with the overall shell. Shoei has always had industry leading aerodynamics. If you've ever ridden in one you can definitely attest to this. I ride in all kinds of helmets and my Shoeis always stand out when it comes to cutting through the wind as seamlessly as possible. It is very obvious that this RF-1200 has spent a lot of time in Shoei's wind tunnel from start to finish. Along with aerodynamics and stability, Shoei has focused on wind noise reduction and has built multiple areas of this helmet to perform above and beyond anything they've ever made. Just a couple of the many improvements include a completely resigned shield locking system as well as a dual lip, dual layered rubber bead to ensure a perfect seal every time. Further helping the visor area is a very unique 5-stage rotating dial that allows you fine tune the exact closure of your visor if needed, all while the shield is installed. No more removing shields and baseplates to try to get the right tolerances. Speaking of visors, the RF-1200 utilizes Shoei's all new CWR-1 shield that includes innovative new ribs on the top and bottom edge improving rigidity and eliminating the flex that you get while opening and closing the visor.

Next, I immediately noticed they've utilized some new interior materials and they've also incorporated their proven Emergency Quick Release System that was previously only available in their X-Twelve line. Shoei has stepped their game up in a huge way with their 3D Max-Dry System. The top liner and also the top of the cheekpads are made of this new material and it's an awesome improvement over previous models. A unique feature of this interior is their removable ear pads. I've seen other companies in the past use a simple foam insert to fill their ear pocket speaker cutouts. Shoei is using a not-so-simple, clip-in, full coverage ear pad in the RF-1200. This ensures your ear pads don't end up missing and I think this also helped to improve the wind noise reduction.

Last is an area that is always important to every rider, ventilation. Like their previous model, the top portion of this helmet flows an impressive amount of air. The eyebrow vents are very effective and it's obvious when they're open. What surprised me the most was the chin vent. When opened you get a ridiculous amount of air flow, probably more than I've felt in any of my other helmets. I think that the RF-1200 has definitely gone above and beyond its predecessors. Even with the improved air flow I didn't find this helmet to be very loud. Overall, it was a very quiet lid.

Again check out our video review for a more in depth look at all the features.


I snapped a couple quick pics this morning. Most of the new features are visible in just one photo. Some things to notice here:

-The new visor with the ribs molded into the top and bottom to decrease flex. (Pinlock, BTW)

-The new locking system. Nice and simple, just push down to snap it into place. Much more aerodynamic.

-The dial visible on the bottom of the baseplate is easy adjusted with a flathead screwdriver. This allows the baseplates to shift forward or back for a perfect visor seal. Also notice that the actual baseplate as well as the visor lock have a carbon fiber-ish look to them. It looks awesome in person.

-The bottom of the helmet has a very unique new profile to it.

Here you can see the new interior material on the top portion of the cheekpads. This is the same thing the top liner is made of. Also, one ear pad is installed and the other is flipped over to show where it snaps in. The RF-1200 comes with the amazing Pinlock fog free system. As usual, a nose guard and chin skirt are standard (super comfortable on your throat).

As usual, Shoei went above and beyond in every area of this helmet. I think the speaker cutouts were a nice touch and the fit and finish on the ear pads. Hard to see from this view but the helmet has a very unique cutout when viewed from the bottom. Not your typical simple oval cut out.

No desk-testing with this helmet, I racked up quite a few miles in this thing. Not sure if I was supposed to ride in it, but I figured it would be easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Brian knows I can't keep my hands off the new products, what was I supposed to do when he said "Hey check out this new lid"?

Quick stop to refuel

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