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Ammo Box solo bag

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Please excuse the crappy pics and dirty bike I'm in the middle of several mods.

Ok so I wanted a solo bag that went with the look of my bike. I picked up an ammo box from a local store. Dry fitted it on my swing arm to mark my holes (did not drill into the swing arm). Also added a draw stryle lock to the lift handle

Made some brackets and also used the upper belt gaurd mount
Gave it a light sand and primed it with an enamel and all the mounting hardware. I also baked the enamel at 200 for 2 hours (removes paint thinner and hardens enamel). Then I used a flat black enamel (same process) and painted a biohazard symbol in a gloss black.

It turned out great. Oh I also lined the finished box with rubbed so ya shouldn't hear things rattle around. Let me know what you think
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I work in the CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) response world, so I appreciate the bio symbol. Nice part of being in the military is you can get ammo cans easy. I have a dozen or so in my garage for odd and end storage. Never thought of putting them on my bike. Don't think they'd work as well with blue and chrome. Looks good on yours though.
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