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I decided to ride through Aspen after living out here all these years. We took the super-slab to Glenwood springs and turned through Carbondale and ran 82 to Independence Pass. After having a few close calls with people gawking and crossing the yellow line on our side we stopped at the top for few typical pictures.
The we continued on through Leadville to Tennessee Pass and stopped and I showed my sons the 10th Mountain Divisions memorial and the old camp Hale site. This is why we are the greatest Country in the world, because of men like these.
Then we road the twisties on to the frontage road to through Vail, Avon to Eagle, real close to President Fords old ranch. No pictures of it, the secret service used to frown on it, so I pointed it out to the children and left.
The we hit I70 again and slabbed it back to the heat of the desert.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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