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Any Backpack or Travel Bag Suggestions?

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Well we have two Strykers, but neither of us wants to add saddlebags. My wife has a solo seat and I don't have or want a sissybar. So...does anyone have any good suggestions for some type of backpack that would be good for a weekend trip?

If I could find a quick detach saddlebag without any type of distracting side brackets I wouldn't be opposed. I would rather just put them on for a trip.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Yep, love my GranTour bag
I recently purchased the the grand roll bag to use in conjunction with the grand tour bag for my ride to vegas, did a test packing and i'll have more than enough room for all that i'll be taking
yeah, on bike trips pack light, bare necessities, only need one pair of drawers for 4 days
J&K said:
I looked at the Kury packs and they did get very good reviews. Since traveling on bikes is new to us, I'm not sure of the best solution. I can see the Grand Tour bag as fitting a lot of items. For those that have this, can you feel a lot the drag on the bag/bike. I guess it's hard to imagine how much wind resistance it gets without a picture of someone sitting in front of it. Normally we pack light, except when we go on scuba diving trips...then we take a lot but 90% of it is gear. I can see us going for a long bike trip weekend, staying in a hotel somewhere. So I think we would just need to take the basics....and a hairbrush!
as far as drag goes that's really going to depend upon you, I'm wider than the grand tour so there's nothing there that wasn't already there. When I've had mine on which is usually a good bit as we've been blessed with nice weather and I take a lot of work home this time of year my bike seems to feel more sturdy, and having the backrest is sweet. If my wife would quit telling me I look like an old man I'd leave it on there. and you can have it on in off in no time, maybe 30 seconds.
1 - 4 of 52 Posts
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