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Any Backpack or Travel Bag Suggestions?

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Well we have two Strykers, but neither of us wants to add saddlebags. My wife has a solo seat and I don't have or want a sissybar. So...does anyone have any good suggestions for some type of backpack that would be good for a weekend trip?

If I could find a quick detach saddlebag without any type of distracting side brackets I wouldn't be opposed. I would rather just put them on for a trip.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Be careful boys, There are a few women on this forum now you know.

I have just got some throwover saddlebags that will be attached individually on each side as the throwover straps weren't long enough. I have also a large roll top bag that can be strapped to my back seat. Doesn't help with a solo seat though unless you buy a fender luggage rack. Carrying a backpack is not an option for me unless it is a bladderpack. My journeys are too long and it would give me back ache. Definitely wouldn't enjoy riding my bike with all my luggage on my back.
Let the bike take the strain.

Or just put it all on the hubby's bike ;D
Toby said:
There is a lot of nice bags out there designed for bikes but just so you can see what is possible here is my test ride to see what my bike would hold. This is two suit cases with wheels stacked on top of each other strapped to my seat, no sissy bar.
Toby, you are the man!
I have done a lot of miles around Europe and the ideal luggage for me is one that easily unpacks from the bike. I have simplified a lot with the Stryker. Small saddlebags and one big bag should be enough. Hubby takes the tent.

I carry my own stuff so I can take what I want. Including my hairdryer and straighteners. ;D
Please don't start a thread about which type of hairbrush is best. ;)
I have my swiss army knife too but don't think i will get it on the plane to take it over there. :D
iweldit said:
I have the ultra and daily tour bags. They work well together. I packed enough stuff for five days in them. Good backrest as well.
They look nice. Do they fasten on easily?
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