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Any buyable fix for windshield updraft?

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So been riding with the quick release tall windshield now for a few months and the updraft is just unbearable. My shirt or jacket get sucked up to my neck, if I wear half helmet and sunglasses the draft up under my sunglasses makes it hard to see with the buffeting or my eyes being dried out.

I can feel a huge amount of air riding along the side and top of the gas tank, so I'm guessing it's riding along the tank then hitting me mid chest and then flowing upward. Either way, it isn't comfortable. Is anyone else experiencing this and solved it. Saw a thread about side deflectors, just not sure if that fixes the updraft or buffeting.
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Exactly what you said. Side deflectors or Lower deflectors. When I first got my batwing installed I had a very similar problem and it was due to the air coming around the lower section, hitting the tank and my legs, and being shoved upward. You can get fork mounted lowers to help with this, or even a wider windshield itself. For the batwing they have a specific part when lowers fit on.

As an example:
http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/batwing-fairing-various-metrics/part/MEM7031?source=igodigital (The lowers are the small windshields you see mounted on the "bottom" of the batwing.

http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/memphis-shades-universal-lowers-plastic-only/part/MEM-LOWERS (As a fork mounted set.)

http://www.cruisercustomizing.com/s...s-front-fork-deflectors-clear/part/BBP-51-328 (Better Picture for clarification.)
Honestly I haven't done a lot of research on the subject. Those are just what I found with a quick search. I know that Lowers on a Batwing are SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than fork mounted. But I think you end up paying the difference or more in just the cost of the wing itself. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the average is around $125-150, but you will just have to look around. Hope this helped.
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