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Any buyable fix for windshield updraft?

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So been riding with the quick release tall windshield now for a few months and the updraft is just unbearable. My shirt or jacket get sucked up to my neck, if I wear half helmet and sunglasses the draft up under my sunglasses makes it hard to see with the buffeting or my eyes being dried out.

I can feel a huge amount of air riding along the side and top of the gas tank, so I'm guessing it's riding along the tank then hitting me mid chest and then flowing upward. Either way, it isn't comfortable. Is anyone else experiencing this and solved it. Saw a thread about side deflectors, just not sure if that fixes the updraft or buffeting.
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I have the blvd windshield, I got a lot of updraft that hit me in the nose. I ended up installing a soft leather wind shield bag, that sits over the ignition switch (which is kind of a pain in the ass) but it really helped with the updraft coming from under the shield.
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