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Any X warriors over here!!!!!

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Hello everyone
I am new to the stryker site. I got on a stryker this weekend and I am in love. It felt so comfortable. But the stealership don't to test rides. I read alot this weekend on the striker and its a solid bike.
Currently I have a warrior and love the torque and power specially coming from a sportsbike back ground. Wanted to see if any X warriors are here and see how is their experience with power, handling and what made them pull the triger on the Stryker. Please help :D
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Never had a Warrior, couldn't even find one to test ride when I was looking to buy.. Understand they are torque monsters and have some pretty good suspension clearance and breaks.
The Stryker has a lot of low end to mid rang torque but starts to loose it in 4th and 5th gear over 100 mph.
The Warrior was discontinued a few years ago and the technology is some ten years old.. The engineering, design and technology that Star puts into these newer bikes, electronics, geometry and ergonomics really make for a noticbly different feeling of ride.
The Stryker for one is a really fun bike to hit twisties with. You wouldn't think so by looking at the rake and big tire and specs on paper, rake and trail etc, but believe me that,s deceiving. It's limited only by your skill level and some hard parts that will find the road.
I come from a sport bike background and when iam on my 954 it is completely different but the 2 bikes are worlds apart the 954 has 154hp stock and corners like you are on a rail but the stryker handles better then any cruiser I have ever rode and loves the rpm and is the most comfortable bike imo, plus it is not hard to drag peg I was doing it with less then 100 miles on mine.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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