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Any X warriors over here!!!!!

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Hello everyone
I am new to the stryker site. I got on a stryker this weekend and I am in love. It felt so comfortable. But the stealership don't to test rides. I read alot this weekend on the striker and its a solid bike.
Currently I have a warrior and love the torque and power specially coming from a sportsbike back ground. Wanted to see if any X warriors are here and see how is their experience with power, handling and what made them pull the triger on the Stryker. Please help :D
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i don't have a warrior, but my father does so i've ridden both, power wise, the warrior is definitely faster, not by much i can usually keep up with him for a little on the straight aways when he really gets on it. As for handling by the stryker blows the warrior away by far, his is lowered in the rear so that may be affecting it a little, but after riding the stryker i almost feel like i have to push the warrior in and out of turns, where my stryker just seems to glide. also with the stryker you feel like you sitting more into the bike, where as i feel like i'm sitting on top of the warrior. power is really the only thing the warrior has on the stryker in my opinion, but its not by alot, haven't done any side by side speed runs with him to see whose is actually faster and by how much, so i can't give you an exact number
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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