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Anybody have a modular/flip up helmet they like?

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The title about says it all.

I like the protection and quiet of a full face, and the ability to eat, drink, and talk by flipping up the shield on my 3/4 shell. I am considering going with a modular. I would also like the internal sun shield. I am thinking of the HJC symax II or the IS MAX BT, Nolan N102/N90, or a Bell Revolver EVO. I am open to other ideas, but I want a helmet that I can try on. I now there are good options that can be shipped from overseas, but I really want to try on a couple of sizes and get something that fits. I am not set on the models above, so if you have other ideas let me know. Having something that is somewhat quiet would be preferred.

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Thanks for all of the replies. I am leaning toward the HJC. I have a FF HJC CLSP now and like it alot. It is just ready to be replaced. Keep the ideas coming. I am going to stop by Dennis Kirk tomorrow to try some helmets on.

Yosemite said:
I had a flip up helmet and loved it. After my accident though I will never own one again. My face had it the bumper of the truck (I'm assuming) but it shattered the whole front of the helmet off and the only protection that was left was the sides and top. On the flip up style usually the sides only go to the middle or a bit farther on the cheeks. If I had not stopped with the truck and slid down the road there was nothing protecting my face anymore. After seeing my helmet and the little hit it took I just cant wear one again.
What Brand/Model was the helmet? I am a little concerned with the HJC latch. Seems like it could open in an accident.
Stryker said:
I read somewhere that all modular helmets are to be considered as a a 3/4 protection helmet and not as a full face.
I think that is a pretty safe assessment. But a modular will help with the convinience of being able to take a drink or talk to your partner at a stop light or when getting gas. No matter what it has to have more crash protection than my 1/2 and more face protection while riding than my 3/4 with just sunglasses.
I tried on a bunch of helmets today and decided that for the money the HJC IS Max was the helmet for me. For some reason I decided to pick up a batwing fairing and mounting hardware. So maybe I will be selling my bullet fairing which was just a little to short for me seeing as I am 6'2". Thanks for all of the helmet opinions.
I would have to check on shipping to make sure that it is not outlandish. I have the bullet and the black mounting brackets, but not the mounts that attach to the down tubes. I can't even remember what I paid, but I saw another on here for $275 I think. I think $225 would be fair unless shipping is crazy. It only has about 300 miles on it and no damage. I can email some pics tomorrow if you like, or PM me and let me know what sounds fair.
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