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Anybody have a modular/flip up helmet they like?

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The title about says it all.

I like the protection and quiet of a full face, and the ability to eat, drink, and talk by flipping up the shield on my 3/4 shell. I am considering going with a modular. I would also like the internal sun shield. I am thinking of the HJC symax II or the IS MAX BT, Nolan N102/N90, or a Bell Revolver EVO. I am open to other ideas, but I want a helmet that I can try on. I now there are good options that can be shipped from overseas, but I really want to try on a couple of sizes and get something that fits. I am not set on the models above, so if you have other ideas let me know. Having something that is somewhat quiet would be preferred.

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Hivoltage said:
I have the Shoei Neo Tec. It was very expensive but I love it. It comes with the Internal visor & a pin lock shield for anti fogging. It also has plenty of ventilation. You need to try on what ever helmet you choose. I tried on a ton of helemets and by far this one is the most comfortable to me. Good luck.

I love my Neo Tec
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