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Anybody paint their plastic "chrome" engine trim black?

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I was smoking a butt, staring at my blue Stryker, and I love black, dislike chrome (although it is growing on me)

Was eyeing the engine plastic, and wondered what it would look like all blacked out...

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I dont have the balls to paint it!

I had some scratches on my old R6, so I scuffed it, hit it with primer, and painted it with Krylon Fusion for plastic....yeah It looked like **** after a couple months!

If anything, I would take them off, and have bro in law spray them (he is auto body guy)

ANy pics or links?? I will search for your thread in the morning, its ZzZzZ time
Looks real good dude
8sec, that looks REAL good! Now you got me wanting to paint everything black!!!

Im gonna wai ttill winter, pull it apart, and haev bro in law do it all up
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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