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Anyone have an audio system installed?

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Having the modding itch I have been checking out all the accessories out there and came across some audio systems.. Just wanted to see if anyone has one installed and what their reviews are.. Also if you have pics that would be great.. I have been looking at Cycle Sounds and Uniq Sounds.. Thought it would be nice to have some tunes to cruise too..
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I do but I'm running a faring. No one makes an kit for a memphis shades so I created one out of fiberglass...First time I've riden with tunes on a bike, have to say at first it was odd but now that I've had it for a few months its great on longer rides...just helps pass the time. I looked at all of those handle bar mounted setups and could never get much info on which one was better.

Oh don't forget you have to find a place to mount an amp...to be honest I don't know where you would but you have to get creative, not sure any of that helps, but remember tunes below 50mph is one thing being able to hear em above 50 takes some power.
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