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I tried searching the site if anyone has relocated their canister yet but had no luck???? Soooo im asking now..... Has anyone up in here relocated their Emissions Canister? Preferably Inside the L&M Chin Scoop???? I wanted to know How & Where did you get longer hoses for the relocation???? & if you can post up pictures and how 2's
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Boolshot said:
I don't remember who it was on here, but they said they just removed it. He said he ran the lines down towards the ground. I believe the non California bikes just have lines going down the frame to nothing.

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Here is an answer I posted in another thread regarding the canister. If you have more questions let me know mang!!

-----I ended up removing mine totally. It was very easy, but to give you brief explanation of where the lines come from. One of the lines comes from the throttle body... with that one I removed it totally from the bike and capped the opening on the throttle body. I bought a little rubber cap kit from AutoZone for about $5. The second one is a vent from your fuel tank, this line you will want to keep. I just tucked it behind the rad cover for now. Once the canister was off, I cut the bracket off with a cut-off wheel, finished it up with some paint. Looks a hundred times better that before.

As for the California inspection...... whatever.....lol... They don't smog bikes and if they started I would end up mounting it somewhere else.. but honestly... I don't think it is gonna happen.. The canister really takes away from the bike and there is really no need for it..

Here is a link when I did the forward controls.. You will be able to see some pics of the foot peg support with the canister and mounting bracket removed. Hope this helps..

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