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I tried searching the site if anyone has relocated their canister yet but had no luck???? Soooo im asking now..... Has anyone up in here relocated their Emissions Canister? Preferably Inside the L&M Chin Scoop???? I wanted to know How & Where did you get longer hoses for the relocation???? & if you can post up pictures and how 2's
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kraaazymike said:
I relocated mine.... in the trash ;D

Gas tank line open to air. Throttle body line is plugged off. Canister sitting in orange county land fill.
Haaa I was thinking that too lol but...... I dunno??? I know the **** thing is pointless but i kinda want to keep it and just relocate since theirs plenty room inside the chin scoop
sdsting said:
At the end of the week my V&H pipes are coming in and will be installed with air intake and power commander and all that CA Emissions crap is being pulled off. After it’s done I’ll ask the shop what they did with the hoses etc.. and report back.
Sweet thanks.... Please do
Boolshot said:
Are they ever going to smog bikes?
Yup what they said...... the smogs will happen but itll be awhile and only for those bikes newer and up on the effective year that smogging will be in effect
immortal13 said:
If I had one I would relocate in the nearest pond or lake lol
Haaa I Bet U Would Immortal lol Prolly Skip It Across lol
Coo thanks Mike Ill figure something out.... L&M used to have a video on how to install the chinscoop and in it had a how to on the emissions canister relocation.... i know i can just get some rubber tubes or high temp ones but i like how the OEM tubes has that 90dgz angle to it and im looking for something like that
1 - 7 of 23 Posts
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